Loreto, Mexico : 2016-02-22 : Loreto - Canyon Hike with Said

Type Name Description Service Provider Cost Kms To Date Total Notes Actions
Hike Hike Road to San Xavier with Said Said $300.00 0.00 0.00 $70/USD/ea
Said: said_wildlife@yahoo.com
Meet at 8:30 near Loreto Islas restaurant
Type Name Service Provider Confirmation Location Cost Notes Actions
Pension Villa Santo NiƱo - Datil II Air BnB Loreto $1777.00 Ed and Rhonda: $888.50/ea
Ed, Rhonda and Brent: $592.33/ea
9 nights

Trip Log

Notes Actions
Inquiring minds want to know: Yes, our guide's name is Said. No, he's not Arabic - he's Mexican. But his parents were creative when naming his children. He says that Said means "Happy Man". When I get back to Calgary I'll have to ask Saeed if Saeed means "Happy Man".
When I contacted Said I asked for a "light hike" in the area, maybe 6-8km. When we set out up the orroyo today, it was a little scrambley, and it just kept getting more and more scrambley as we went. Said had done is best to get us a light hike, but the terrain around here is just extremely rugged. In fact it tuckered Legendary Ed right out. Good thing the scenery was so spectacularly beautiful, and there were cervezas waiting for us at the end. Ed had his first afternoon nap of our trip (Brent and I have been napping almost daily).

Where we hiked today was the canyon with the original Road to San Xavier. It was also known as the cave paintings hike, but the cave paintings were buried by rubble in one of the recent hurricaines. Too bad. But the canyon itself was extremely beautiful, so yay!
Tonight we hosted a fish dinner at the villa courtyard. Brent cooked the fish (with Chato's help). I made my favorite dish from Croatia - blitva, and bulked the meal out with some refried beans. Most of the same gang from the Friday dinner were there - Chato, Keith and Mary, Pat, Marcia and Rex, plus Jason who is a Canadian down here seeing about building a life here.