Loreto, Mexico : 2016-02-27 : Fly Loreto to Calgary

Type Name Service Provider Origin Destination Cost Notes Actions
Flight Loreto to YYC Westjet Loreto Calgary $0.00 See Feb 17 for cost information.
Rhonda and Ed. Plus seats to ensure as much room as possible for those lonnnnng legs.
Dep 2:50PM, arr 6:55PM
WestJet Flight 2253
Seats 2A (Ed) and 2C (Rhonda)

Trip Log

Notes Actions
Dear Westjet: You Suck
We had a relaxing morning, packing, wandering around Loreto, eating ice cream and saying goodbye to folks. We got to see Jordan (from Sea and Land), Colleen, Pat, Keith, Mary, Chato and Rex from the villa, and we took Keith to lunch at the Blue Anchor in exchange for a lift to the airport. It was all good, at least until we got Westjet involved.