Loreto, Mexico : 2016-02-17 : Fly from Calgary to Loreto

Type Name Service Provider Origin Destination Cost Notes Actions
Flight YYC to Loreto Westjet Calgary Loreto $2044.76 Rhonda and Ed. Booked the "Plus" seats to ensure as much room as possible for those lonnnnng legs.
Dep 10AM, arr 2PM
WestJet Flight 2252
Seats 2A (Ed) and 2C (Rhonda)
Type Name Description Service Provider Cost Kms To Date Total Notes Actions
Other Meet with Maria (Tour) $0.00 5PM 1697 restaurant that is around the corner of the hotel santo niño in the main plaza in the corner, behind the kiosko.
Type Name Service Provider Confirmation Location Cost Notes Actions
Pension Villa Santo Niño - Datil II Air BnB Loreto $1777.00 Ed and Rhonda: $888.50/ea
Ed, Rhonda and Brent: $592.33/ea
9 nights

Trip Log

Notes Actions
Loreto is a very small town, about 10,000 people, and is much less touristy than other places we've been in Mexico. You don't get accosted by anyone walking down the street. What a nice change! I like it!
When we got to our villa, our host wasn't here, but a long-time guest, Keith, was here to greet us. He gave us some great advice about what to do and who to do it with in the area, and invited us to join in to the "family dinner" on Friday night.
So far I haven't seen a mosquito. Normally I am eaten alive when I go anywhere. It would be awesome if I didn't have to worry about that on this trip.
Before we came, I researched transportation to/from the Loreto airport. The airport is 6km from downtown. 4km via a dirt road that goes cross-country (maybe).

When I asked about transport, I received a recommendation for a driver who charges $25/USD/person round-trip. That's about $40/CAD each to go 12km. When I looked into taxis I found out that a one-way taxi is a fixed rate of $25/USD, so $50/USD round trip ($80/CAD). Outrageous.

On Google Earth I saw what looked like a dirt road that cut across country and was about 4km from the airport to downtown. At the time, Brent wasn't on the trip yet - it was just me and Ed. I spoke with Ed about it and we decided to use backpacks as luggage so that we'd have the option of walking instead of taking larcenous transportation.

Then Brent piled onto the trip and I filled him in on the plan.

When we got here today we had a quick look around and the dirt road didn't look like a particularly good option. It was warm enough out that Ed was a bit uncomfortable with the idea, and I was uncomfortable with setting out on a walk that may or may not get us where we wanted to go.

So, after a bit of discussion we decided to take the shuttle. $25/USD round trip was the same as what we would pay for taxis anyway since Brent is coming back separately (we'd have to pay for three one-way taxi rides).

We jumped into the shuttle and were told it was 90 pesos each (one way). That works out to a little over $7CAD/ea one-way. That's WAY better than the $40/CAD round trip that the internet said.

So, although it may be possible to walk the 4km from the airport to town, we ended up not doing it and I probably wouldn't advise it. If Brent and I were here for a while, I'd probably try walking it from the far end just to test it out and consider it in future, though.